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From defence and aerospace to home innovation.

The Nahlkin Story

The genesis was a degree of ‘divine discontent’ with little things in everyday life. Things that could just be ‘better’ and which, for all our progress, haven’t been addressed by technology or innovation. We realised our collective expertise in entrepreneurship, industrial design and high-precision manufacturing (for global customers) could be leveraged to address some of these gaps. Through a rigorous process of introspection and analysis, we decided to focus on, and dedicate ourselves to, the creation of beautifully engineered products that enhance personal convenience. Thus, ‘Nahlkin’ was born.

We believe there are better, more elegant ways to get things done and that brands and companies can, and should, be a force for the greater good. We will do our utmost to ensure that everything we bring into the world has a meaningful impact on our consumers and society at large.

Our Origins

Nahlkin has been incubated by CM Envirosystems and there are few better product design and manufacturing genes to inherit. From building wind tunnels for advanced defence testing applications to thermal shock chambers for the automotive industry to testing chambers for aerospace, the CME Group is India’s foremost manufacturer of environmental testing chambers, with an unrivalled expertise in the fields of refrigeration, electronics as well as precision manufacturing.

Nahlkin Leadership

We are led by Praveen Crasta – a young entrepreneur who has defied convention most of his life. Praveen was inspired by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s vision for the future of India and went on to build one of the most successful platforms for youth expression in the country, courted by global brands and leaders. He took over the reins of the family organization CM Envirosystems (CME) in 2017 and under his leadership, CME broke new ground in product development and client base while simultaneously exploring fresh opportunities. Along the course of this journey, his vision for one of the businesses he helped incubate was so compelling, that he decided to transition to it full time- this was none other than Unified Intelligence. Nahlkin’s long-term orientation, rigorous product development process, focus and flawless execution are a reflection of Praveen’s personal philosophy.

Quality with thoughtful design

We are first and foremost a (tangible) product manufacturing company. Our expertise is in precision manufacturing and we leverage this to create beautiful products that enhance personal convenience for our customers. We adhere to the highest levels of engineering and have an exciting product portfolio in the works, in line with that vision. This roster defies collective categorisation and thus we view ourselves as a product innovation company, freed from the shackles of any single industry.

Quality with thoughtful design

“We are dedicated to enhancing personal convenience through inspired engineering.”

The Nahlkin Values


Inquisitiveness is the spark that lights the flame. It is the ‘how’ and ‘why’ that lead us to new things – better products, better processes, and better outcomes. We value an inquisitive spirit over all else as it is the foundation of a better future.

Whatever we do, we do it with great intensity. We are young, fun and informal but make no mistake, we are powered by passion and obsessed with the customer and his/her needs. Our intensity ensures that we are constantly in beta, always finding ways to improve.
Industriousness (hard work) is the cornerstone of all success. We believe in the good old-fashioned virtue of hard work. Through constant repetition, we create increasingly beautiful products for the modern age.
Integrity above all else! It is absolutely fundamental to all that we do and who we are. It has been hard-coded into the CME Group’s DNA by our founder and we carry that legacy forward into all our businesses. Our integrity ensures that we do right by our customers, our partners, our society and the planet.