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We bought Nahlkin a couple of months back and have seen excellent results. My husband has an acid reflux problem and doctors have always advised him to raise his bed to a  slightly inclined position. We couldn’t do it with a regular mattress and tried putting bricks under the bed to raise to get the incline. It failed miserably as the bed and mattress bent in the middle and was very uncomfortable to sleep, but Nahlkin resolved our medical issue in a jiffy, thanks to the technology used in this mattress we can incline the head side to the desired angle and sleep comfortably. No more heartburn and acid reflux! We don’t need to put extra pillows to raise our posture. It has really worked beautifully in looking after our posture and resolving the acid reflux problem.

Coming to my experience with the Nahlkin mattress, for the last couple of months I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis and as a result my nose would get blocked at night and it would result in loud snoring. We tried using inhalation and raising my head through pillows to get a clear nasal passage so that the nose doesn’t get blocked but it did not help. One day the team from nahlkin advised me to raise the incline of the mattress a little by about a 5-10 degree angle and try it out. It really worked like magic! The incline helped me breathe without any nasal blockage and reduced the snoring. Now I am  able to sleep peacefully without any nose block and snoring, thanks to Nahlkin the embarrassment and discomfort of snoring is gone altogether.